Property Management Services

Saving You Time And Money

Our Home Management Services Include

Rent Invoicing And Collection

Your tenants will always know when to pay the rent and any utility charges which are included in the rent. With on-line rent collection, payment is easy and on time. We make sure rental payments are done on due date, so that other rental expenses can be promptly made. Tenants who don’t pay the rent on time will be warned, and if it keeps recurring will be fined. With our experience in finding the right tenants we are certain that this will never happen.

Tenant Requests

We are here around the clock to answer all your tenant requests, reliving you of all the stress. Going through hundreds of tenants over the last couple of decades we know what tenants expect and how to keep them happy. Nurturing a good tenant-landlord relationship we’re ensuring your property will be treated with care and respect.

Emergency Assistance

Our apartment management team is here 24/7 to protect your interests when emergency happens. All our tenants are given our direct emergency phone number, so that instant contact can be made if there is a need for it. Prompt response for any emergency prevents a tiny issue from becoming an extensive damage.

Apartment Turnover Services

We oversee all turnover work. From pre-inspection of the property, getting it spotless clean and ready, to moving in of the new tenant. Pre move-out inspection is done a few days before the end of tenancy. When tenant vacates the property, our team inspects one more time for missing items or any damages. We make estimates for repairs, replacements, and of getting the property back to it’s original state, while making any necessary deduction from the tenants’ security deposit. If time permits at every turnover we’ll also oversee any work that needs to be done such as: Carpet cleaning, painting, basic maintenance, sprucing up or any other repairs as required. We’ll make sure to save money and keep expenses as low as possible.

Repair And Maintenance Issues

By providing fast response to all issues, we help keep small problems from getting bigger. By having a strong relationships with trusted vendors, we can save you tremendous amount of money. We only use the best contractors, who we closely work with to ensure the job is done correct, on time and hopefully under budget. If it’s time for an update, we can oversee any renovations necessary to get your tenant the right product. This way we’ll help bring your property to market expectation, while maximizing the return on your real estate investment.

Monthly And Annual Statements

We provide every month detailed rental income and expense statement, and at the end of the year an annual statement for the tax purposes. Any expenses on your monthly statements have attached receipts for easy tracking and transparency. This financial reporting will make your tax filling much simpler and faster.

Furnishing Inventory And Procurement

If you have decided to rent your property furnished we’ll make sure your inventory is well tracked and recorded. Every tenant will sign inventory list during their move-in inspection, so that there is no confusion or disputes when moving-out at move-out inspection. All missing and broken items will be replaced in time for a new tenant. If you need help in furnishing we can assist you in decorating and buying for your specific property needs.

Regular Property Inspections

We’re here to set your mind at ease, while keeping a constant eye on your property. Whether your property is tenanted or vacant unexpected things can happen at any time, so our routine inspections will ensure everything about or in your property is in good shape. Our due diligence will maintain security and safety of your investment, and if any issue arises no matter of it’s size you will be promptly notified by detailed condition report with pictures or videos.

Property Owners Questions

Most Common Questions & Answers

How can I benefit from your management services?

Our property management services are designed to help local or foreign non-Canadian investors who own Vancouver residential real estate property, but don’t have the time or are not in a position to oversee day-to-day operation of their home.

How do you screen and qualify tenants?

We screen tenants strictly and fairly in order to protect your investment and follow all applicable BC Residential Tenancy Act laws. Our background check includes proof of identity, references check, rental and payment history, and credit check.

How long will it take to rent my property?

Once you decide to use us for your property management, we will take photos, videos and market your home right away. This usually takes a few days. If your home is move-in ready, we will start showing your property within a first week. Rental placement will also depend on the time of year. Properties usually rent out much faster during the summer months as there is a lot more people visiting and relocating to Vancouver for work, school or holidays.

Do I rent my investment unfurnished or furnished?

Generally furnished properties do generate higher rents, but are much harder to keep 100% occupied all the time. Also, because they are shorter term rentals utility bills and such are usually included in the rent which then offsets total earnings. Comparatively unfurnished properties once rented out, stay rented for years to come and generate a bit lower, but steady flow of income.

Do I have to allow smoking or pets when renting?

Under our management smoking is not allowed in any of our rentals. Pets are usually not allowed in furnished properties, and for unfurnished properties it’s up to the owner’s preference.

How much will my Vancouver property rent for?

We make a rental analysis of your property based on value, location, and market rental rates. We compare your neighborhood current with asking rents in order to pinpoint a rent that will maximize your profit, while minimizing your vacancy.

Do I deduct property damages out of security deposit?

Regular wear and tear and home maintenance are charged to the property owner. Tenant neglect or damages will be assessed during move-out inspection and then replacements or repairs will be charged to the tenant as per BC Residential Tenancy Act law. You will receive from us tenants’ deposit once they move into your property. At the end of the tenancy we hold the tenants’ last month rent in order to reimburse them their deposit. This way you won’t need to mail the original deposit back to us.

Do you need a copy of my homeowners insurance?

Yes, insurance is mandatory on all the properties we manage and we will need a copy of your landlord insurance policy. To make sure your asset is correctly insured we can recommend an insurance provider that can custom insure and explain every little detail of your policy, so when an emergency strikes there are no surprises.

Do you manage pied-a-terre properties?

Yes, even if you are not using your investment as a rental property, you can surly benefit from our services. When you are not living in your residence full-time, maintenance and repair issues can arise and expense payments are still required. When your property is vacant, we regularly check it to make sure it’s secure and there are no problems, such as leaks or electrical issues. This way there are no surprises when you’re back to enjoy your property.

Do you guarantee monthly rent payments?

While we strive to ensure that all our properties are occupied with no down time, we simply can’t guarantee monthly rent payments. Due to the currently very low, under 1% vacancy rate of Metro Vancouver, if the apartment is well marketed and priced correctly, it should rent fairly quickly.

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