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Efficient And Honest Vendors And Contractors

We work very close with a small group of reliable and honest third party licensed and insured contractors. We don’t get paid from any work done on the properties we manage. Taking care of the repairs is part of our management services. If repairs turn out into a big projects, we’ll look for more quotes and review them with a property owner for consultation and final approval. Smaller repairs will be taken care of and the owner will be notified after completion. Our contractors are also instructed if need be to inspect the damages and write a report if repairs were due by tenant negligence.

Improve Your Rental Property

To maximize income potential of your property even more every detail should be taken care of. Your home should be spotless clean, deficiency free, bright and presented in the best possible light. The ultimate goal is for property to look inviting and livable.

The first impression is the most important impression. Creating a “wow” factor about your property when a potential tenant views it, their most important question won’t be “Can I see myself living here?”, but rather “When can I sign a lease?”.

Here are some relatively inexpensive tips to help improve any rental home.

Clean, And Clean Some More

Don’t rely on your tenant who’s packing and thinking about their new home to clean your home properly. Additionally perform a thorough cleaning of 4-8 hours yourself at every tenant turnover. If you’re having a hard time making your property spotless clean don’t hesitate and hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. Once your property is professionally cleaned you know how it’s done and what it takes. Cleanness will encourage your new tenant to respect your property like it’s their own. Yes, it’s that important!

Paint Your Walls

Do you have a part of your condo that needs an update or improvement? During a tenant turnover it’s a good time. Simply painting a room or if time permits the entire home can often be the biggest change for the least amount of money. Adding some colour, maybe a fresh coat, or simply just an accent wall; painting your property will give you the best bang for your buck!

Update Your Flooring

If you’re having a soft surface flooring like carpet, nothing can replicate the warmth and softness of it. It’s the most forgiving flooring that’s not affected by breaks, warps or scratches. Depending on carpets wear and tear it’s not a bad idea to replace them every 7-10 years. Of course, before replacing anything a professional carpet cleaner can make the most run-down carpets look clean. Cleaning will be a fraction of the cost of a new carpet.

When carpet runs its course, it’s time for a new one. Carpet installation is very fast, efficient and cost effective. A real professional carpet installer can do it for you in just one day.

If your floor surface is a hard one like hardwood or laminate flooring, it always adds character and value to any type of property. The best time to put in a new hardwood floor is when your carpet is due for replacement. New tenants love hard floors and will pay rent premiums for it. Hard flooring installations usually take longer to install, especially if baseboards needs to be replaced, but a fast professional installer can still do it in a day or two.

Buy And Replace Fixtures

If you have fixtures that are outdated or simply just worn out, it’s time for an update. Replacing things like: door handles, light switches, running toilets, incandescent light bulbs, crooked blinds, and faucets or tubs that drip will refresh your property as when it was brand new. These inexpensive quick fixes will help update any property, while bringing appeal to potential tenants.

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Property Repair & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance experts ensure the job is done quickly, correctly and with cost savings in mind. We are available 24/7 to handle any apartment condo or building repair or emergency. By providing quick responses to every issue, we help keep small problems from getting bigger.

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