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Vancouver Residential Rentals & Property Management

Residential Rentals

Looking For A New Home?

Vancouver For Living Residential Rentals is here to help you relocate, or if your lease is up and its time to move and upgrade your living situation, find you the right home for all your needs. We want you to enjoy your new residence for many years to come. From the day you sign your new lease until the day you move, our experienced management and maintenance team will ensure smooth process and stress free living in your new home.

Property Managment

Want To Rent Your Home?

Vancouver For Living Property Management is a team of local experts with focus on serving the needs of local and absentee foreign owners who hold investment houses or condo apartments in Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver West Side, Vancouver East Side and Richmond. We will provide you with the meticulous management services ensuring protecting your Vancouver real estate investment, while maximizing its potential.

“If you’re relocating to Vancouver, Vancouver For Living Residential Rentals have a great service where it took them only 1 day to find me several rental apartments that matched my criteria and the next day I signed a lease. Easiest stress-free Relocation ever!”  ~  Mark G.

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“Vancouver For Living Property Management team was knowledgeable, efficient, and hard working. Just within 2 weeks they leased out my apartment. Even more impressive is that the rent is 15% higher than what I could have gotten myself.”  ~  Amy Z.

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Apartment Rentals & Property Management Services

Saving You Time And Money

Stress Free Relocation

Rental Home Search & Area Tours

Our rental experts will assist you in finding a perfect Vancouver home. We’ll be taking on the process of researching, calling for vacancies, and setting appointments off your shoulders. Our virtual rental tours allow you to rent unseen properties of your choice safely and confidently.

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Efficient And Cost Effective

Property Repair & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance experts ensure the job is done quickly, correctly and with cost savings in mind. We are available 24/7 to handle any apartment condo or building repair or emergency. By providing quick responses to every issue, we help keep small problems from getting bigger.

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Domestic And Foreign Investing

Vancouver Real Estate Property

Our network of local real estate agent experts will help you find the right Vancouver rental property investment that meet your criteria. Their knowledge of the intricacies of foreign ownership is a great asset to non-Canadians while overseas when buying a property in Vancouver.

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